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Compoze Labs was formed out of a realization that the development of custom, enterprise-grade software such as mobile and web apps should be easier. Developers waste so much time doing jobs that could be done at the click of a button: looking for files, re-onboarding themselves with old projects, and finding problems in thousands of lines of unfamiliar code. We set about creating a solution to this, and so the Compoze platform was born.

The Compoze platform

Imagine a robust place where you can spin up complete enterprise-grade application architecture with just a few clicks, host your product, and manage everything from app performance to bug fixes on one handy dashboard, with very little onboarding needed. You’re imagining the Compoze platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 enterprise, a development shop, or a startup — the Compoze platform works for you.

A solution for every business

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Our platform and agile approach to development marries style, function, and efficiency. We create apps that work seamlessly across devices.

App Builder For Developers

Get your apps to market faster and reduce developer onboarding to almost zero. Seamless application management leads to huge efficiency increases.

Application Management

Application portfolio management done for you with the Compoze platform. Efficiently monitor, update, and grow your applications with our expert team.


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Choosing your software strategy for an efficient supply chain

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How to fix your spaghetti code (and avoid it in the first place)

How to fix spaghetti code (and avoid it in the first place)Software is said to be written with “Spaghetti Code” when the software is difficult to maintain or extend. Spaghetti code is hard to understand what it’s doing, and has twisting and winding code paths that are...

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