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Our team has been doing this for years now, and because of that, we’ve learned how to do things right every single time. Ask us about our four step integration process, or the Compoze Platform, which we use to provision best-in-class infrastructure in just a few clicks – getting your projects finished 25% faster than anyone else can.

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With offices in both Chicago and Minneapolis and employees nationwide. Our projects are typically run from our office in Minneapolis, where our team of mastermind developers are based.

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Cannabis Apps are now allowed on the app store. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your cannabis app on the app store early. There’s going to be a rush of companies trying break new ground.

Cannabis retailers, here’s how to use IT to improve your customer experience

How you manage data has a huge impact on how your customers experience your brand. Here’s how to get it right.

Custom integrations with Quickbooks, what you need to know

Custom integrations with Quickbooks help to give you a better idea of your business’ financial processes. Follow these best practices for great results.

Changing the game in Cannabis retail experience with Airfield Supply

Services ProvidedMagento Web DevelopmentAbstraction Layer/ MiddlewareSolution ArchitectureThe challenge   Airfield Supply is already a market leader in the cannabis space. Their vertically integrated approach, strong brand and reputation for quality products has...

Choosing your software strategy for an efficient supply chain

What good IT strategy for supply chains looks like   For businesses such as retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and ecommerce, it is important to have a supply chain that is appropriately managed to align with your business strategy. That business strategy is...

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