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Integrations for the cannabis industry







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Integrations for the cannabis industry



The challenge


Many small businesses are under stress at the moment. With the economic disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid digitization of commerce, companies need to adapt and update their sales channels to mediums that their consumers are comfortable with. The world is going cashless, and application use is continuing to grow in all facets of business. The problem though, is that for many businesses at the moment, developing an application is costly, time consuming and the process is unfamiliar.

With over one million restaurants, and four million retail stores at risk of serious financial damage, the ones that are able to adapt and make the purchasing process convenient, safe and digital are the ones that stand the most chance of thriving in uncertain times. OurApps and Compoze Labs set out to help these businesses do just that.

“The businesses that are able to adapt and make the purchasing process convenient, safe and digital are the ones that stand the most chance of thriving in uncertain times.”

– Helen Kramer, OurApps Founder –

The solution

It was decided that Compoze Labs and OurApps would get to work on a platform that allowed any business in the USA to build their own app easily, with no upfront fees or monthly subscription. This would reduce the barrier to entry for business down to zero, and allow them to digitize their offering and sell online, with the OurApps taking only a small percentage of revenue generated from the app.

Once the concept was agreed, Helen Kramer, the founder of OurApps, began to work closely with Compoze Labs to harness the power of the Compoze platform, which would form the backbone for the platform and consumer app.

The Compoze platform allows companies such as OurApps to not only create quality enterprise grade apps, but also ensure quality throughout the entire development process. It was the perfect tool for OurApps as it gives business owners easy access to application building, but also full control of the application once it has been developed.

“We want our platform and app to make application building accessible, make businesses safer and increase revenue for businesses worldwide.”

– Helen Kramer, OurApps Founder –

So how does OurApps work?


Step 1:

Simply sign up and create your app. OurApps adds it to the app store for you.


Step 2:

Add your menu, products or services. It’s really easy and intuitive.

Integrations for the cannabis industry

Step 3:

Your customers will download your app and place orders directly to you.

Integrations for the cannabis industry

Step 4:

Track, manage and complete your orders on the user-friendly dashboard.

Feature List

♦ Customer login ♦ Full branding ♦ Integration with payment systems ♦ Product listing ♦ Delivery ♦ In-app purchases ♦ Contactless purchasing ♦ Loyalty program ♦ Custom in-app announcements ♦ Push notifications to customers

Key Takeaways

Rapid Provisioning

Having Compoze as a backbone means that OurApps can rapidly provision new applications for their customers in seconds.

Top-class infrastructure

Built on AWS and infinitely scalable, OurApps users are assured of maximum uptime and reliability.

Industry-shaking results

Small business owners are no longer reliant on ordering and delivery apps to reach their customers. They are now in full control.


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