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It’s a connected world

The world is rapidly digitizing, at a rate we’ve never seen before.

Every company has multiple applications and systems and systems that need to be talking to each other, transferring data between each other, and triggering events on other systems.

Using an inexperienced team to implement this complex work can lead to huge problems down the line (are you familiar with the term spaghetti code?) where systems are interdependent on each other and code becomes intertwined, complex, and eventually useless.

At Compoze  Labs, we’re experts in integration work in industries where data security is paramount. We take the complex job of integrations and simplify it for you – talking on all the heavy lifting.

Our offerings

We do several types of integration

Our team of architects, developers, and project managers have seen it all. With skill-sets developed over years on the most niche and specialized jobs, from startup apps to million dollar plus DevOps projects.

Microservices & APIs

Technical agility enabling business scalability

Enterprises are becoming more innovative and making use of Microservices to restructure and scale up business operations while leveraging APIs for applications to communicate with each other better than ever before.  Companies are able to not only speed up their software delivery but also improve business agility and scalability. As Microservices and APIs provide new opportunities, they also pose challenges in achieving complete security, performance visibility, and reusability.

Compoze Labs helps enterprises in modernizing their legacy IT systems with flexible, independently deployable Microservices applications. We build API management platforms to provide the security, reliability, visibility, and adaptability needed to run Microservices architecture efficiently and effectively. With our Microservices and API solutions, companies can iterate quickly, simplify deployment, and drastically shorten time-to-market.



Plan before you execute

The backbone of every application lies in the architecture. The potential of an application can be hindered or primed for success depends on how well the system and its cloud infrastructure are designed. For this reason, Compoze Labs requires all their architects to be AWS or Azure cloud certified.

When it comes to implementing the well laid out plans of our architects, we leverage a language called Terraform to create and configure the servers, databases, load balancers, queues, and more. Using source-controlled code to create the cloud infrastructure is called IaC (Infrastructure as Code). IaC in the hands of a mature development agency like Compoze Labs drastically reduces cost and increases speed and quality of development.

On top of the technologies and frameworks, we follow a standard set of practices and principles including RESTful API Design and Graphql API Design. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It should be used in any application being built due to the performance and security benefits APIs provide.

Performance & Security

Optimizing continuous delivery

We build in industry-standard continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines into every project we take on. Our pipelines check for code quality and security vulnerabilities upon every deployment. Our ability to set efficiently set up these deployment pipelines not only streamlines development — it also ensures you are getting premium functioning code.

This practice of going from “I have an idea” to “I have code running in production” as fast and efficiently as possible is often referred to as the practice of DevOps. There are a number of dev shops out there that think DevOps principles are not important in development, we disagree and ensure all our developers know how to set up rapid and automated deployments and quality checks. 

Experts in Mulesoft integration

The go-to integration platform

MuleSoft is our go-to for integration platform as a service (iPaaS). MuleSoft takes on a lot of the heavy lifting and simplifies the integration with third-party applications, SaaS offerings, databases, cloud storage, in-house sta sources, and more. We see the use of Mulesoft speed up integration delivery so we ensure a number of our developers are certified as both architects and developers with MuleSoft. For the reasons listed here, it may come as no surprise that Musesoft is one of the fastest-growing integration platforms in the world. Talk to us, your MuleSoft experts, to see if it makes sense to leverage this platform for your project.

Business Use Cases

Enhance Business Flows

On-premise application integration
An on-premise application can be a homegrown ERP that you own or another proprietary tool acquired and hosted in your own private infrastructure/cloud. Standard approaches to internal application integration dictates the use of custom-coding and service bus’s or queues. It’s critical in these applications to build a middleware platform that uses a robust rules engine to transform and route fault-tolerant messages between applications.

SaaS application integration
Businesses often have a number of SaaS applications leveraged across their organization. A SaaS CRM like Salesforce or the cloud-based NetSuite ERP is an extremely popular data management tool, but they must integrate it into your enterprise architecture to avoid data silos and black boxes. A popular cloud integration method is using a pure-play iPaaS solution – which relies on single-use API-based integrations.

Application-to-application integration
Businesses in pursuit of seamless end-to-end processing, streamlined operational efficiency, and comprehensive visibility into critical business processes strive for application-to-application integration. Let’s say you’re jumping into e-commerce and want to build out a digital store using Magento or Shopify. Integrating those e-commerce data workflows with your ERP fulfillment processes is critical to ensuring your business can deliver what it just sold. It also enables automation and increases efficiency by eliminating manual data intervention. Whether it’s a Magento-NetSuite integration or a Salesforce-SAP integration, an ecosystem integration platform streamlines these A2A workflows.

Pub/Sub integration 

Through pub/sub integration, messages are sent and received between applications without knowing the identity of the sender or recipient. One input channel, the publisher splits into multiple output channels, one for each subscriber. The loose coupling achieved by pub/sub integration means that both publisher and subscriber systems can operate independently of each other, and this integration type can achieve a level of scalability that a data center, in a traditional sense, can’t. Use cases for pub/sub integration include balancing workloads, asynchronous workflows, balancing workflows, data streaming, and more.

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