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Tired of problems being thrown over the fence between hardware, software, networking, and infrastructure? That’s why we teamed up with Impact Group, so you can consolidate your IT management into one ticketing system


Trusted IT advisors

Taking the headaches away from managing your IT

Outsourcing elements of your IT optimization gives you more time internally to focus on your core business

Whether it’s in managing your legacy systems, implementing new cloud-based technology, or improving your data compliance, we have an experienced team capable of getting the results you need to succeed.

Business IT often gets seen as a troublesome operating expense, a headache, a necessity to keeping the lights on but not much else. We view things slightly differently. When managed correctly, and with the right technology and systems in place, IT can increase operating efficiency across the entire business, seeing greater productivity, better margins, and providing data for full visibility on business processes.

A better infrastructure often means a better business.


Our offerings

Explore our Managed Services expertise

Our team of IT experts have experience in everything from complex cloud migration projects to data compliance for privacy-sensitive industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. We take pride in our security and software management expertise too. Whatever you need, let’s have a conversation – we’re always happy to provide guidance and advice on how your infrastructure can be optimized.

IT Support

Proactive and strategic support and management

Fully tailored to your needs and objectives, we’re able to offer a number of levels of support to your organization. No matter what you need, you’ll have access to a team with a broad range of skill sets, experience, and expertise. We even built our own software to efficiently provide IT support and rapidly build additional business-critical applications at a moment’s notice.


  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure
  • Long term strategic advice and support on IT optimization
  • 24/7 response to IT issues

Data security and privacy

A holistic approach to security

Understanding the complex data security considerations for each industry is vital for properly executed security and privacy measures. We use a combination of best-practice expertise and industry experience is required to create an optimized plan for data security.

  • We take a holistic,  layered approach as standard, no one single element of security is enough to protect your business.
  • Proactive  security testing, scanning, checks, and audits ensure you’re always ahead of the curve
  • Experts in HIPAA, PCI, 510(k), and other compliance standards

Cloud Consulting

Maximum uptime for mission-critical infrastructure

Cloud is one of the most significant technology shifts your company will face, offering agility, scale, and favorable economics. But the integration of private clouds, public clouds, and legacy IT environments can be daunting. Our cloud consulting services can help you find the right mix of hybrid cloud that can turn your IT organization into a valuable change agent for innovation and growth.

Our expert team of cloud computing consultants can help you build the right cloud for your business.

  • Bolster business agility and responsiveness
  • Reduce costs
  • Elastically Scale

Monitoring and Alerting

24/7 support to keep your systems running

You need 24/7 management and alerting to ensure your system uptime is maximized. If something goes wrong, you need to know it before your end users do. That’s why we use our proprietary software to ensure your applications are healthy and set up in a way to allow for rapid responses to any issues that may come up. With custom alerts, advanced log aggregation, and expert engineers and architects – you’re in good hands with Compoze Labs.

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting
  • 24/7 troubleshooting
  • Maximum uptime and reliability

“I chose Compoze Labs based on the good balance between service level and cost. Compoze Labs had a broad range of skill sets that met our needs in supporting our existing legacy systems and in moving towards new technology in the process.”

– Roger Oettinger, CFO, Signature Concepts

Why we’re different

Our One Of A Kind In-House Development Software

We aim to be the stress-free development agency, and we’ve built the Compoze platform — a completely unique tool — to help do just that. There are a ton of things in the development process that can be automated to reduce costs and improve service, and it works on three main principles.


With Compoze Labs we provision the infrastructure for any app or software in a few clicks, rather than weeks or months of manual work.


Ensure only the highest standards of code get by. Built in CI/CD pipelines with constant grading of code allows developers the instant feedback they need to properly develop apps.


Manage single apps or entire application portfolios in one accessible dashboard

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