The manufacturing software experts

We have years of experience in manufacturing software. Our deep industry insights and understanding inform design and development right from the start.


The manufacturing software experts

It’s no secret that manufacturing is changing, and fast

Industry 4.0, global competition and digitization are a powerful mix.

Manufacturing is one of those industries with a wide spectrum of digitization. Some companies have taken Industry 4.0 and ran with it by implementing the latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology and industrial automation. Others are still using manual machinery and bogged down legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

One thing’s for sure, no matter where companies are on the digital transformation journey, continued investment in applications and softwares will be necessary to compete with the big players and cheaper manufacturers abroad.

We’re experienced in helping manufacturers achieve greater efficiency through custom software, IT management, and integration work that puts security and useability first.

Our offerings

Explore our manufacturing IT expertise

Our team of 20+ designers, developers, and product managers have seen it all. With skill-sets developed over years on the most niche and specialized jobs, from ERP systems to million dollar plus DevOps projects.

Industry 4.0 and connectivity

Your systems should be talking to each other

Automation and data exchange between manufacturing technologies is becoming vital for efficient operations. Companies have a number of considerations for this:


  • IT infrastructure needs to be capable of handling the new data points
  • Integration work between systems and sensors
  • Strict cybersecurity

Data security and privacy

Encryption as standard

We encrypt everything as standard, at rest and in motion. Using the strictest security and privacy guidelines, we ensure that your data is protected from exposure to security threats:

  • Advanced penetration testing
  • Data encryption as standard
  • Incredible UX/UI to prevent user error

Reliable infrastructure

Maximum uptime for mission-critical software

Ensure that your IT infrastructure and software allows for maximum production line uptime, and can scale over time:

  • 99.9% uptime, guaranteed
  • Easily maintainable
  • Easily scalable

Intuitive design & user experience

Staff need top of the line usability

Well-designed software saves time, reduces human error, and increases uptake. We prioritize user experience and simplicity from the start – your users will thank you for it:

  • Time-saving user experience
  • Reduce human error through design clarity
  • Improve uptake through ease-of-use

Why we’re different

Our One Of A Kind In-House Development Software

We aim to be the stress-free development agency, and we’ve built the Compoze platform —a completely unique tool — to help do just that. There are a ton of things in the development process that can be automated to reduce costs and improve service, and it works on three main principles.


With the Compoze platform, we provision the infrastructure for any app or software in a few clicks, rather than weeks or months of manual work.


Ensure only the highest standards of code get by. Built in CI/CD pipelines with constant grading of code allows developers the instant feedback they need to properly develop apps.


Manage single apps or entire application portfolios in one accessible dashboard

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