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  Think about the best mobile apps you’ve seen recently. What makes them great?

They have outstanding, simple, intuitive user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Not only that, but the best apps have been created to fulfill a need – they have to be useful, they have to have a solid strategy behind them

That’s why at Compoze Labs, we know that while incredible technical expertise is the bedrock of application development – we take things a step further. We have top-of-the-line product managers to guide you through product strategy, as well as a fantastic team of designers whose sole job is to delight your users with exceptional design.

The unique Compoze platform builds an enterprise-level technical foundation for your application in a few clicks – giving us more time to work on the features and designs that make your app stand out. We offer iOS app development (iPhone app development), android app development, and more. See our full range of capabilities below.

Our offerings

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Our team of 20+ designers, developers, and product managers have seen it all. With skill-sets developed over years on the most niche and specialized jobs, from startup apps to million dollar plus DevOps projects.

Cross-Platform App Development

Hybrid code languages for near-native performance

Often the best way to build, we can build applications that run on any platform, whether Android or iOS. This saves you the cost of building applications in two separate languages. We use hybrid app frameworks to build – giving you a near-native look and feel on every platform. We’re experts in using both Flutter and React Native to get the job done. Get in touch to talk details.

Android app development

Develop for the world’s most popular operating system

Android application development is in huge demand. Android is the world’s most popular platform, so chances are you’ll need to be developing in Java. Luckily, we’ve been developing incredible Android apps for our customers for years. Using the latest technology, the Compoze platform, our awesome product strategists, and designers – your android app will have the best chance of success.

iOS app development

Modern iPhone applications that users love

We have extensive experience in iPhone application development. iOS-specific development uses the Swift development language, and we’re experts in providing the ultimate user experience for your iPhone user. We use the latest technology to produce sleek, user-friendly apps that suit any budget and need.

React Native App Development

The tried and trusted language for millions of developers

React Native is backed by Facebook and is the most popular cross-platform language and it’s not going away anytime soon. For this reason, we primarily do React Native App development. This language is great, as it’s so commonplace it’s easy to find developers to work on feature updates or fixes for your app (we do that too). Of course, there are always downsides to a language, something our product specialist can help determine when looking at your project.

Flutter app development

The new kid on the development block

Backed by Google, Flutter is one of the newest and most in-demand cross-platform coding languages. We’re experts in Flutter development and can get your app performing amazingly on both Android and iOS through one single build – saving you time and money in the process. 

Why we’re different

Our One Of A Kind In-House Development Software

We aim to be the stress-free development agency, and we’ve built the Compoze platform — a completely unique tool — to help do just that. There are a ton of things in the development process that can be automated to reduce costs and improve service, and it works on three main principles.


With the Compoze platform, we provision the infrastructure for any app or software in a few clicks, rather than weeks or months of manual work.


Ensure only the highest standards of code get by. Built in CI/CD pipelines with constant grading of code allows developers the instant feedback they need to properly develop apps.


Manage single apps or entire application portfolios in one accessible dashboard

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