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Retail has changed forever

The companies who have digitized early are winning the race to online success, but it’s not too late to catch up


Cyber Monday 2020 was the largest single day of consumer spending in US history, with $10.8 billion spent online in 24 hours. With in-person retail spending down 50% this year, customers have flocked onto the web to get seasonal deals, new technology, and Christmas shopping done early.

Where it’s possible to argue that this record is entirely due to Covid-19, there’s no doubt that the pandemic has shifted the digitization of commerce forward at light speed. Customers are expecting safe, touchless transactions and online experiences that are seamless, easy, intuitive, and entertaining. The opportunity for retailers to take advantage of this trend is still there for the people that adapt quickly.

Below, we’ve detailed some of the things that should be top of your mind when you do.

Our offerings

Explore our Retail IT expertise

Our team of 20+ designers, developers, and product managers have seen it all. With skill-sets developed over years on the most niche and specialized jobs, from startup apps to million dollar plus DevOps projects.

PCI Compliance

Make sure you’re secure

Data security breaches can mean PR disasters, loss of customer trust, and financial damage. Make sure you’re protected when developing applications, eCommerce sites, and software.

  • Installation and maintenance of firewalls
  • Encryption of data
  • Access control

Wow customers through design

Build your brand through user experience

Whether building applications or websites, intuitive user experience, and clean designs are vital to keeping customers coming back to you. A good design increases conversion and brand loyalty.

  • Reduce barriers to conversion
  • Surprise and delight through design
  • User experience as the foundation to good design

Integrate your POS

Increase business efficiency & streamline procedure

Bring online and offline sales together, sell in more places, reduce manual tasks, and the possibility of human error. There are a ton of benefits to securely integrating your POS with eCommerce platforms.

  • See all of your inventory at any time
  • Offer cross-channel promotions
  • Improve customer experience

Revenue generation & brand loyalty

Advanced features allow you to grow

Apps and websites shouldn’t be ‘sticky’. That’s why we design them with feature sets that keep customers coming back for more. Whatever customer experience you can imagine, we can build.

  • Push notifications, sign-up forms, and more
  • Exceptional content experiences
  • Easy purchasing and conversion

Data and analytics

Get to know your customers

It’s nearly impossible to grow without insights. Fully understand customer needs through tracking, behavioral analytics, purchase history and get a picture of how, where, when, and why they buy.

  • Integrations to show full customer journey
  • Back-end data and analytics
  • Additional touchpoints for analytics

Why we’re different

Our One Of A Kind In-House Development Software

We aim to be the stress-free development agency, and we’ve built the Compoze platform — a completely unique tool — to help do just that. There are a ton of things in the development process that can be automated to reduce costs and improve service, and it works on three main principles.


With the Compoze platform, we provision the infrastructure for any app or software in a few clicks, rather than weeks or months of manual work.


Ensure only the highest standards of code get by. Built in CI/CD pipelines with constant grading of code allows developers the instant feedback they need to properly develop apps.


Manage single apps or entire application portfolios in one accessible dashboard

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