Application Management Done For You

Use the Elko App Builder and our expert team to manage, monitor, optimize, and update your single application, or entire portfolio of digital products.

Monitor & Manage

App performance and metrics all on one dashboard

Troubleshoot & Fix

We find problems before your users do, and ensure maximum uptime with built in industry best practice tools and solutions like log aggreagation and analytics from Coralogix.

Test & Optimize

More test coverage to reduce app complexity and boost performance.

“Elko have been able to meet the full spectrum of our needs.”

Signature concepts needed to modernize to keep up with their rapid growth and increase business efficiency. They trusted Elko with the task and haven’t looked back since.

The Only Team You’ll Ever Need

Get the most from our experts, and our revolutionary app builder.


Elko custom builds and displays health checks and performance tests for your application in the Elko App Builder. You’ll always know if your application is working as expected.


Robust Alerting

We’ll know if something is wrong with your application before you or your users do. The Elko App Builder provides robust alerting via emails, texts, and calls.


Log Aggregation

All logs are funneled to the Elko App Builder dashboard. So there’s no need to chase down logs in different places to find out what’s going on with your applications.

Development Ability

Need additional development? With Elko App Builder we can easily build on top of existing applications to get you the features you need.


The Elko App Builder provides a dashboard with all the information you need to know about your application in one spot.

24/7 Support

Need round the clock support to ensure 24/7 uptime and instant fixes? No problem, we do that too. 

Easy Onboarding

Effortless technical onboarding for developers

Need more than just your applications managed?

Elko is partnered with Impact Group to provide comprehensive service management for enterprises. With Elko and Impact group working as one team, enterprises have a single resource to provide helpdesk, infrastructure, networking, and application management.

“I chose Elko based on the good balance between service level and cost. Elko had a broad range of skill sets that met our needs in supporting our existing legacy systems and in moving towards new technology in the process.”

– Roger Oettinger, CFO, Signature Concepts

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