The experts in healthcare development

Our team has years of medical development behind them, and proven experience with healthcare data security regulations.

The healthcare software experts

Healthcare development takes a different approach

It takes a patient-centric team with proven experience of putting electronic health records and security first.


We understand that the approach to healthcare application and software development is different from other industries. Given the mandated transition to Electronic Medical & Health Records (EMHR), regulations for HIPAA compliance, and the sensitive information that medical companies hold on their patients and customers, it’s even more vital to take a security-first approach to development. It’s important for companies to recognize that it takes a company with experience in medical software to truly understand what’s important.

The team at Compoze Labs is well-versed in the complexities of medical application and software development, from experienced team members who have medical backgrounds, to developers who have worked on the most complex healthcare projects – we’re here to help take patient care to the next level.

Our offerings

Explore our Healthcare IT expertise

Our team of 20+ designers, developers and product managers have seen it all. With skill-sets developed over years and on the most niche and specialist jobs, from startup apps to million dollar plus DevOps projects.

HIPAA compliant architecture

Security over everything

With healthcare software, data privacy and security are paramount. We take into account all of the HIPAA requirements to ensure all healthcare products we build comply with regulations, including:

  • Secure messaging solutions
  • Secure hosting
  • Secure cloud storage

Data security & privacy

Encryption as standard

We encrypt everything, at rest and in motion. Using the strictest security and privacy guidelines, we ensure that your data, patient or otherwise is safe and secure through:

  • HIPAA compliance as standard
  • Data encryption as standard
  • Incredible UX/UI to prevent user error

Reliable infrastructure

Maximum uptime for mission-critical software

We recognize that the reliability of healthcare software can be life or death; that’s why we provision and build our software with maximum uptime in mind. Without the best infrastructure available, nothing else matters.

  • 99.9% uptime, guaranteed
  • Easily maintainable
  • Easily scalable

Intuitive design & user experience

Busy professionals need top of the line experience

Well-designed software saves time, reduces human error, and increases uptake. We prioritize user experience and simplicity from the start – and your users will thank you for it.

  • Time-saving user experience
  • Reduce human error through design clarity
  • Improve uptake through ease-of-use


Make sure anyone can use your platforms

Accessibility in the medical space is more vital than in other sectors. Make sure all your users, of any age, disability, socio-economic background and more has access to the right platforms whether it’s a patient centric-app, website, or otherwise.

  • Easy to use features
  • Reduction of barriers to use
  • Conform to WCAG accessibility guidelines

Why we’re different

Our One Of A Kind In-House Development Software

We aim to be the stress-free development agency, and we’ve built the Compoze platform – a completely unique tool – to help do just that. There are a ton of things in the development process that can be automated to reduce costs and improve service, and it works on three main principles.


With the Compoze platform, we provision the infrastructure for any app or software in a few clicks, rather than weeks or months of manual work.


Ensure only the highest standards of code get by. Built in CI/CD pipelines with constant grading of code allows developers the instant feedback they need to properly develop apps.


Manage single apps or entire application portfolios in one accessible dashboard

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